Engaging CEC to help with your business plan ensures you avoid the companies and consultants that just churn out plan after plan after plan. How can they really provide fact-based plans unless they actually understand your business with direct hands on experience? The simple answer is they can’t. With CEC you are involved in a collaboration process that focuses on concept development, foundational profit architecture, fact-based budgeting and a variety of other CEC methodologies. We are used to taking concepts from business plan into the built environment and operating the business; so we understand the accountability that comes with needing to have a REAL plan. CEC plans include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Concept Overview
  • Space Overview
  • Market Overview
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Management Overview
  • Financial Summary

We at CEC work directly with the business owner in order to bring your business dreams and vision to fruition.  This process can only be facilitated by a consulting firm that knows and understands your goals.  When you engage us to develop your business plan you have nearly twenty years of hospitality experience to your disposal. 

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