restaurant consulting

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Whether you're opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing location, we at CEC can help make your venue the talk of the town. From intimate dining rooms to lounges and bars to cafeteria-sized seating areas, we can help design the perfect space for your restaurant. Creative Entertainment Concepts  (CEC) is a restaurant consulting company in Chicago and a restaurant business development company designed to serve the restaurant, nightclub, bar and hospitality industries.  The hospitality business owner constantly faces endless challenges, especially in our current economic environment.  CEC provides the business owner with an array of services designed to help meet his financial objectives. 

The goal at CEC is to provide the business owner with the most comprehensive operational strategies to help maximize their productivity. We at CEC understand your every day challenges and we work with you to find solutions. Today’s economic environment provides new challenges to the business owner.  Our industry is going through a new phase that demands creative and innovative thinking in order to achieve success. CEC assists the business owner in facing these new challenges.  The restaurant industry, today more then ever, demands pro-active business owners that are capable to meet their customer's needs.  CEC works directly with the business owner's management team in order to achieve these goals.
Our Business Development division designs new concepts under the supervision of our management team.  CEC has set forth an aggressive plan to develop 6 new restaurant, nightclub and bar concepts within the next seven years.  We are confident, that even in this economy, the restaurant industry provides us with tremendous opportunity for growth.  The reality is that even in today's economy the restaurant industry is reaching record high annual revenues.  This tells us that people are still eating out and the potential for profits still exist.

In addition to conceptualizing our own projects, CEC provides the new business owner with the tools necessary to achieve success.  CEC can assist you in bringing your entrepreneurial vision to reality.  We can develop a comprehensive business plan and feasibility studies that will allow you to start your new business. The hospitality industry can be profitable and rewarding when a well organized plan is brought to fruition.  We look forward to collaborate with you on your next project.